Convert Custom class list to string and than Convert than String back to list in Java or Android.

Here code:-

List<Pets> list = new ArrayList<Pets>();
list.add(new Pets("jon","34"));
list.add(new Pets("Karan","12"));
list.add(new Pets("Meet","22"));
list.add(new Pets("Neel","49"));

//---------------------------Convert a list to String---------------------//

Gson gsonFilterList = new Gson();
String jsonInFilterList = gsonFilterList.toJson(list);
Log.e("Stepw", "jonInString:--- " + jsonInFilterList);

//---------------------------Convert a String to list ---------------------//

Type listType = new TypeToken<ArrayList<Pets>>() {
List<Pets> yourClassList = new Gson().fromJson(jsonInFilterList , listType);

Log.e("yourClassList", String.valueOf(yourClassList.size()));


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