Get Two digit after decimal point in Android or Java

Try this:-

private static String getDecimalFormat(double value) {

    String getValue = String.valueOf(value).split("[.]")[1];

      if (getValue.length() == 1) {
          return String.valueOf(value).split("[.]")[0] +
                "."+ getValue.substring(0, 1) + 
                String.format("%0"+1+"d", 0);
       } else {
          return String.valueOf(value).split("[.]")[0]
            +"." + getValue.substring(0, 2);


System.out.println("value getDecimalFormat:- " + getDecimalFormat(1.0));
value getDecimalFormat:- 1.00

System.out.println("value getDecimalFormat:- " + getDecimalFormat(0.1234567891));
value getDecimalFormat:- 0.12

System.out.println("value getDecimalFormat:- " + getDecimalFormat(-44.0));
value getDecimalFormat:- -44.00

System.out.println("value getDecimalFormat:- " + getDecimalFormat(4500000.963852741));
value getDecimalFormat:- 4500000.96


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